Field Service Consultant

Jan-Pro of Northeast Wisconsin Commercial Cleaning Franchise Company
Position Available immediately

POSITION SCOPE:  The Field Service Consultant is a dynamic position primarily responsible for retaining customers through relationship development and the provision of outstanding cleaning through coaching/training Jan-Pro’s Franchisee’s. The primary objectives of the Field Service Consultant are to build relationships with the Franchise Business Owners and Customers, which ultimately increases Account Retention. The goal is ZERO ‘0’ Account Loss. This objective is accomplished by the following duties plus other methods assigned by the Field Services Manager and Regional Franchise Developer.


  • Trustworthy and hardworking individual who takes pride in their work and the Jan-Pro brand. 
  • Focused on customer service and completing job duties as they present themselves 
  • Organized and Goal-Oriented individual who strives for excellence 
  • Well-spoken problem solver who can come to a resolution to benefit of all involved 
  • Understands and comprehends the attributes behind the Jan-Pro brand 
  • Represents the Jan-Pro brand with vigor and enthusiasm 
  • Perform Quality Checks on accounts at the rate determined by the Field Service Manager
  • Accompanies Franchise Owner in ‘proactive’ site visits to secure ratings 
  • Calls new accounts within 24 hours of receiving notice of new customer 
  • Meets with new contacts to establish relationship
  • Performs initial assessment via ‘walk-through’ of new potential Franchise Owners
  • Sets up new accounts and aid in the ‘new accounts’ process
  • Provides ‘on-site’ certification for new Franchise Owners and file new Franchise Owner paperwork
  • Identifies Special Service work opportunities for Franchise Owners 
  • Monitors Franchise Owners to ensure proper documentation for Special Service work 
  • Reviews customer needs for consumable supply needs 
  • Resolves customer complaints as necessary • Assists in preparation and delivery of the Initial Franchise Certification 
  • Provides or assist the Franchise owner in SWOT analysis 
  • Assists in preparing data for Quality Review • Transfers customers between owners if requested and documents these requests and transfers 
  • Informs all owners of transfers and assists in the transfer process through walk-throughs and information exchange 
  • Attempts resolution of customer complaints 2
  • Recommends solutions for Owners in situations where customers are considering cancelling accounts
  • Maintains and develops a network of Franchise Owners and shares in the dissemination of ‘best practices’, particularly establishment of Emergency Back-up Crews


  • Demonstrated ability to manage large teams of people in organized structure
  • Track record of success in management of large teams in competitive environment
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills—bilingual in Spanish
  • Proficient in MS Office programs (Word, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook) and Internet
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Professional speaking voice and demeanor
  • Ability to work extremely sensitive information and work in a confidential environment


  • Current, active Driver’s License 
  • Ability to drive to regional accounts for quality checks and onsite account walk thrus 
  • Ability to function in high-pressure situations 
  • Manual dexterity to operate a computer (desk-top and lap-top) and other electronic equipment 
  • Ability to take legible hand-written notes where necessary 
  • Correctable vision and hearing 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Clear, easy to understand oral communication ability 
  • Ability to sit for prolonged periods


  • Air conditioned/heated office environment
  • Exposure to artificial interior lighting
  • Low to medium level noise
  • Exposure to hazards as typically found in office products and equipment


Starting $36,000-$40,000/year pending experience