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Covid-19 Sanitation Package

A coronavirus specific cleaning service for businesses in Northeast Wisconsin

Serving Northeast Wisconsin, JAN-PRO is here to help you, your business, and your customers stay healthy during this unprecedented time. Our offering includes comprehensive cleaning and sanitation service that reduces risk of contagion and follows protocols recommended by the CDC.

Confirmed case of Covid-19 in your business?
Consider our Covid-19 cleaning package.

Covid-19 Business Cleaning & Disinfection Package

Serving the North East Wisconsin communities

At JAN-PRO® of Northeast Wisconsin, we’ve assembled a custom fit package for business owner’s looking to keep their facility and location out of the clutches of the Coronavirus.

Our custom package includes:

  • Manual disinfection of high touch and frequently used areas
  • Enviroshield protection
  • Endure, mitigates the spread of pathogens.

While we offer a variety of cleaning services, we’re proud to focus on the unique needs of our community and serve them through top-notch commercial cleaning.

Our cleaning program can be used for business offices, healthcare centers, manufacturing facilities, government offices, and more. Since our cleaning services are tailored to the needs of each of our customers, we will work with you to outline a covid-19 cleaning game plan that reduces risk for your business and keeps your customers confident that they are safe.

The owner-operators who design your cleaning plan are the very same ones who provide your cleaning services on every visit. Whether your facility is located in Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Manitowoc or any community in the surrounding areas, choose JAN-PRO of Northeast Wisconsin as your local commercial cleaning company.

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Covid-19 Package

Covid-19 Cleaning Includes:

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Hand Disinfection

Covering high touch areas, we sanitize thoroughly and repeatedly with hospital grade disinfectants.

photo of enviroshield disinfectant


Application of JAN-PRO Enviroshield to kill the viruses and bacteria on first contact.

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In addition to Enviroshield, we use Endure to create a residual protective barrier on all surfaces and high touch points to inhibit pathogen spread.

Stay ahead of the curve with comprehensive cleaning and Disinfecting services.

Clean Guarantee.

Northeast Wisconsin local businesses have a range of unique cleaning needs, demanding a higher grade of service from commercial cleaners. At JAN-PRO, our owner-operators are specially trained in the cleaning and sanitation needs of our community.


With our exclusive EnviroShield® system, 99.99% of germs and bacteria are eliminated on contact. This innovative system uses a misted spray to reach areas and treat surfaces that other disinfection systems cannot handle, including fibrous surfaces and high-touch areas like keyboards, ATMs, and door handles.

JAN-PRO Tracker & Uniforms

Our covid-19 cleaning services respect the safety and security of your workplace. While on site, your local JAN-PRO owner will keep in touch with your on-site management staff so that you’re always aware of our whereabouts. We also require that cleaners wear full uniforms and prominent ID tags, making us easy to identify.

We Rely on Top Equipment. 

Our cleaners use top materials and equipment, like microfiber cloths and HEPA-filter vacuums. Our microfiber cloths and flat mops trap dust, dirt, and bacteria more effectively than traditional cleaning materials, while our HEPA-filter vacuums literally clean the air you breathe, trapping harmful airborne particles.

Cleaners cleaning the arm of chair

We guarantee our cleaning services. It is our policy to remediate any identified issues within 24 hours.

#1 in Commercial Cleaning

JAN-PRO is proud to have been named the World’s  #1 Fastest Growing Franchise in the commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry. 

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